You Can Now Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing A Mask

a young woman looks on her smart phone at the latest news of coronavirus infection, two students in a bookstore with face masks to prevent the contagion of covid19, sun flare effect

Photo: Getty Images

Even though Apple might be a little late to the party, the company just announced that you can FINALLY unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask after two years of working on the update!

As part of its iOS 15.4 update, Apple has debuted its “Face ID with a Mask” option for iPhone models 12 and later and the new feature will allow you to unlock your phone without typing in your passcode while wearing a mask.

The update will also allow masked users to access Apple Pay or authorize apps that require Face ID and you can even improve your Face ID with an "Add Glasses" option if you rock glasses throughout the day.

To set up the new feature, you will need to open Settings and choose Face ID & Passcode before turning on the “Face ID with a Mask” option. At the setup screen, you'll be instructed to remove your mask so the device can better recognize the “unique features around your eye area.”

Better late than never Apple!

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