This Is Why TV Characters Never Really Have Pet Cats

Have you ever noticed that there seem to be more dogs on television than there are cats on live-action shows? Turns out there's an actual reason that a screenwriter on TikTok just revealed!

TikTok user @michaeljaminwriter revealed the reason why last month on TikTok and it has since gone viral where he reveals that cats are often more difficult to work with on-set because they do what they want and are harder to train for specific scenes.

Jamin has worked on King of the Hill, Wilfred, Tacoma FD, and Maron and revealed that while shooting a scene for the Marc Maron-led show, they tried to film a scene with a cat hopping on a table, but when it came time to film, the cat completely froze and decided to wander off.

In the video, which you can see below, Jamin also mentioned how an hour of coaxing a cat to do a specific scene the crew wants to film often isn't worth the short amount of screen time which is why most characters on TV have dogs or other pets.

Also just a friendly reminder that Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch was often portrayed by puppets even though he's probably the most famous TV cat!

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