This Is When You Can Stream 'The Batman' At Home On HBO Max

Even though The Batman just released in theaters last weekend, it turns out you won't have to wait that long before seeing it at home on HBO Max!

While reviews for Robert Pattinson as Batman have been positive for the most since the movie first came out last week, it's totally understandable that you're hesitant towards going into a theater for a THREE-HOUR movie and you only have to wait 45 days to watch it at home.

Unfortunately, HBO Max has stopped releasing movies day-in-date as the same time they release in theaters and have instead opted to release them after their theatrical run is over, which is usually 45 days (unless you're Spider-Man: No Way Home).

Now if you do the math, 45 days after The Batman's March 4th release would be April 19th so you can most likely expect the film to release for free on HBO Max around that weekend.

So whether you're saving your money to eat snacks at home or can't go without a bathroom break every 30 minutes, then you might want to wait another month before seeing the latest Batman film.

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