Canadian Doctors Can Now Prescribe Time in National Parks to Patients

Woman hiking outdoors

Photo: Getty Images

This needs to happen ASAP in the US because doctors in Canada can now prescribe time in national parks for patients to help with their mental health and it sounds great!

Healthcare professionals in four Canadian provinces can now prescribe patients passes to National Parks thanks to a new program, PaRX, which was started because of the health benefits of spending time in nature helping manage physical and mental health.

Health professionals who register with the program can offer patients a Parks Canada Discovery Pass, which normally costs about $57 per adult per year, and doctors are recommending spending at least two hours per week in the great outdoors, for at least 20 minutes at a time.

You can read more about the program HERE, but hopefully something similar can be implemented in the US because I'm a firm believer that walking outside can instantly boost your mood and calm you down and having a prescription to go outside would be a great way to encourage that!

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