Uber Will Now Let You See How You Got Your Ratings

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Have you ever wanted to know just what exactly gave you a lower rating on Uber? Now you can thanks to Uber's latest update that gives you a more detailed breakdown on how you got the rating you currently have!

Users will be able to access a breakdown of their average ratings in the Uber’s new privacy menu, which is now available to users globally, and it is a little tricky to actually get to so here are some easy steps on how to get there:

  1. Go to the settings menu, tap “Privacy,” and then “Privacy Center.”
  2. Swipe to the right and click on the “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber” tile.
  3. Scroll down to the “Browse your data” section and tap on “View my ratings” to see the breakdown.

Once you find your ratings you will see a breakdown of how many different ratings you've had and if you have ever had a bad Uber ride then you're guaranteed to have a few one-star ratings.

Uber also published data on the cities with the lowest average rating in the US and both DC AND Baltimore came in the top ten lowest average ratings so you're not alone if you have a low rating!

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