MoviePass Will Give You Free Movies By Watching Ads

Get ready for MoviePass to be back in a big way because the service is coming back in a tiered model that can let you watch movies for free by watching ads!

The service just announced that it will now let users earn "credits" to use for new movies by watching ads on your phone, but the weird thing is that MoviePass will be using eye-tracking software to make sure you watched their ads.

The ad-watching software can apparently tell when your eyes are focused on specific ads and won't give you a credit if you aren't looking at the ad. Now this could be an easy way to see movies on the cheap, but if you're like most people you tend to ignore or skip ads instead of actually watching them.

You can learn more about how the entire service works HERE, but don't be surprised when other companies start implementing the eye-tracking software to make sure you watch their ads in the near future!

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