Topo Chico Wants To Send Your Ex A Cactus For Valentine's Day

Close-Up Of Cactus In Pot Against Pink Background

Photo: EyeEm

You may have heard of some zoos letting you name a cockroach or rodent after your ex before their fed to other animals, but Topo Chico Hard Seltzer might have come up with the ultimate way to get tiny revenge on your ex this year by sending them a cactus to take care of!

The hard seltzer brand is letting anyone send their ex a cactus this year for Valentine's Day simply by applying online for $2.14 and if successful your ex will need to take of a cactus they weren't expecting at all on Valentine's Day.

You'll even get a 50% coupon to use on hard seltzer for yourself as a way to properly say goodbye to your ex while they have to figure out how to take care of the new pointy plant in their life.

You can go HERE to submit your ex and learn more info!

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