Yelp Wants To Pay You $25,000 To Be Its New 'Chief Pizza Officer'

Friends eating pizza on sofa during party at home

Photo: Getty Images

Do you consider yourself a "pizza connoisseur?" If so, then Yelp wants to enlist your help with its pizza reviews by becoming the brand's "Chief Pizza Officer!"

Starting now through February 28th you can apply to be Yelp's new "Chief Pizza Officer" by submitting a video telling them why you'd be perfect for the job and you'll actually be judged based on how well you know you pizzas.

If selected you will receive $25,000 as your salary and get to promote pizza trends on Yelp through a six-month consultancy position.

The recruitment concept came as the company shared that pizza was one of the top five most-searched terms on the platform and to learn more about the position you can go HERE!

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