Playing Wordle Is Actually Good For Your Mental Health

Need another reason to keep going with your streak in Wordle today? Playing the word-based game can actually help your mental health according to experts if you play every day!

According to the Center for Cognitive and Memory Disorders at The Ohio State University, Wordle is a unique opportunity for everyone right now to give themselves a daily brain workout that doesn't even take that long and it's essentially the modern crossword puzzle.

Playing the game every day helps us sharpen our brain because we keep trying to figure out words we may or may not know and if we get the words correct, we instantly get a dopamine boost to make us feel better.

The other factor as to why Wordle is good for your mental health is that you only get once chance to play a day so you're not wasting an entire day staring at your screen!

Hopefully this gave you even more incentive to get your Wordle correct in the first three guesses and share your streak on Twitter!

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