This Town In Sweden Uses Trained Crows To Clean Their Streets

A flock of crows on the pine-tree

Photo: Getty Images

If this sounds like the start of a horror movie, then don't worry because you're not alone in your thinking because a town in Sweden is actually training crows to pick up litter!

The town is called Södertälje and they are actually spending over $2 million a year on the alternative way of street cleaning where bird trainers actually train the birds to pick up and discard cigarette butts into a machine that disperses food for the birds whenever they drop something inside.

They project lead claims they expect to train other birds to help with street cleaning and while I guess it saves the town from having to pay for professional street cleaners, I would hate to live there on the day the vending machine stopped handing out food.

Also does anyone else feel like this is how The Crows Have Eyes from Schitt's Creek started out?

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