Scientists Have Created Bubbles That Take Over A Year To Pop

Cropped Image Of Hand Bursting A Bubble Against Black Backbround

Photo: Getty Images

Have you always wanted bubbles that don't pop as soon as you touch them? Thanks to scientists in 2022 that's now a reality!

A group of French scientists have just discovered "everlasting bubbles" that can last for over a year before they pop because instead of being made with soap and water they are instead made with water, microparticles of plastic and glycerol.

That trio of ingredients staves off factors that normally cause a bubble to burst, but the "everlasting bubble" is thicker than your average bubble.

Now I don't know is this is what scientists should be working on in 2022 with everything going on right now, but at least we know by next year you'll have bubbles that won't go away after you move or immediately touch them!

You can learn more about the "everlasting bubbles" HERE!

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