Lay's Is Releasing New Chips Made With Dirt From FedEx Field

Starting this off with a fun fact, but apparently Lay's hasn't had an ad for the Super Bowl in over 17 years and this year marks their return and to celebrate the snack company is making chips made with dirt from every NFL stadium.

The new line of chips will be called "Lay's Golden Grounds" and will be made with potatoes grown with dirt from each of the 29 participating NFL teams including FedEx Field.

The logo on the outside of each bag corresponds to the NFL team's soil used, which you can see Washington's below, but you got to assume that our version of the chips invoke flavors of tailgating at FedEx Field.

Unfortunately the chips aren't for sale (as of right now) and the only way you can score a bag is by following @Lays on Twitter and watch for Golden Grounds sweepstakes tweets from now until January 25 to potentially win a bag.

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