Campbell's Is Selling Soup-Scented Candles

Everyone has both a go-to candle scent AND a go-to soup of choice, but Campbell's want to combine both of your choices with two all new soup-scented candles!

Starting this week you can buy either a Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese-scented candle or a Chicken Noodle Soup-scented candle that both smell like you made both of those meals in your house.

The even better thing is that both candles look like actual cans of soup so you might accidentally confuse them for that one can of soup chilling in your kitchen pantry. Also at the bottom of the candle is a miniature "Snowbuddy" keepsake so you're really getting two surprises in one.

The candles are on sale for $24 and you can go HERE to buy one and 10% of all sales will actually go back towards Feeding America so everybody wins!

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