Edamame Toast Is The New "Avocado Toast" For 2022


Photo: Getty Images

How many times did you have avocado toast in 2021? Turns out it might stop there because edamame toast was just deemed the new "food hotness" for 2022!

One of the newest fads to pop up on TikTok has been toast either dipped into or topped with a mixture of edamame, basil, olive, oil, and Parmesan cheese and it'll definitely get you to eat your daily amount of vegetables in one sitting.

TikToker @justine_snacks is credited with being one of the first influencers to get behind edamame toast and you can see in her video below, which has over a MILLION views as of right now, that the edamame mixture could be an entire meal or just your go-to snack.

Just get ready for edamame to increase in price the next time you go to the grocery store just like avocado did because of TikTok and food influencers!

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