Arby's New Spicy Chicken Sandwich Is So Hot It Comes With A Free Milkshake

Almost every fast food chain has its own version of a spicy chicken sandwich, but Arby's is taking things up a notch by introducing a NEW sandwich that is so hot that they give you a FREE milkshake to help with the heat.

Earlier this week Arby's announced its new "Diablo Dare" Spicy Chicken Sandwich (as well as a brisket option) that includes Pepper Jack cheese made with ghost peppers, a bun infused with chili flakes, and a signature Diablo BBQ sauce that features a quartet of spicy chiles and it definitely isn't for the faint of heart.

Now your spiciness palate might be different than everybody else, but from now until February 6th you can get a free vanilla milkshake to compensate for the heat and calm your tongue/mouth down after eating.

It might be worth the few minutes of spiciness just to enjoy a free dessert, plus you know you want to dunk Arby's curly fries into a milkshake that you worked for!

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