Goldfish Crackers Now Come In An "Adult Size"

A scaterring of yellow goldfish crackers.

Photo: Getty Images

You got to hand it to Goldfish crackers because they always know how to market themselves to appeal to us at any age and now it's okay if you're an adult and like to snack on the fish-shaped crackers because they come in an "adult size!"

So the new Goldfish crackers aren't called "Adult Size," but are instead called "Goldfish Mega Bites" and are 50% larger than the original crackers and they come in two "adult-appropriate flavors" like sharp cheddar and cheddar jalapeno.

You can see what the crackers look like when compared to normal Goldfish below and buy you own bag of "Goldfish Mega Bites starting this week at a grocery store near you.

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