New Study Claims Most People Get Their Best Sleep When They're 24

Lamp illuminating sleeping Hispanic woman

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to work on your sleep patterns in 2022 because a new survey in the UK finds that we're all drastically losing "good amounts of sleep" as soon as we pass 24 years old!

In the survey, which you can see HERE, researchers found that most people agreed that when they were 24 was when they got the best sleep of their life so far and it's between the ages of 25-54 that people claimed they got the WORST sleep in their life.

Some of the common factors participants agreed on that made them have bad sleep included family stress, work stress, room temperature, financial worries, and too much screen time, but it's most because that's when people are starting to share beds and homes with other people.

Also about a third said they get only seven hours, while 25% get six, and 24% get only five or less so it might be time to start heading to bed early in 2022!

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