Disney Wants To Pay You To Post About Their Food On TikTok

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening

Photo: Getty Images

Not going to lie that I would consider myself a "Disney Adult," but if you know one in your life then the PERFECT job for them just got announced where they just get to post TikToks about the various Disney parks!

Disney Parks is looking for two new content creators to join its social team, and one of them could be you if you know your stuff when it comes to TikTok and other social media platforms.

Disney is looking for "food connoisseurs" that are "creative storytellers" and have "goofy attitudes" so if you love Disney and love to make vacation recap videos on social media then it's the perfect job for you.

The ideal candidate is also someone who can work in a collaborative environment, is "willing to take risks and share original, clever and innovative ideas, and has a deep passion for the Disney brand; however, the best part is that you're only working about 30 hours a week, but getting paid pretty well for it.

To learn more about the job you can go HERE or see the TikTok job posting below!

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