Invisibility Cloaks Might Actually Be Possible According To A New Study

We might be one step closer to actually receiving a letter from Hogwarts because a university in China has actually found a way to make an invisibility cloak straight out of the Harry Potter films!

A new study published in the De Gruyter journal Nanophotonics has found that by using a specific material called Molybdenum Trioxide (a-MoO3) could actually scatter and bend light in such a way that it creates the effect of invisibility.

Right now the material is currently being implemented in various devices to see if researchers can truly make something look invisible, but you already know that as soon as they get approval that everyone is going to be buying these!

To learn more about the research you can go HERE and just in case you somehow don't know what an invisibility cloak is, then just check out the clip from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone below!

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