Your Cat Is Stalking You According To A New Study

Cute cat is looking and sneaking out behind the wall

Photo: Getty Images

It seems like forever ago when people started working from home because of the pandemic and while it's given us more time to spend with our pets, it's also made your cat a little bit of a stalker if you have one.

A new study from Kyoto University found that your cat is actually keeping mental tabs on you while you work from home and aren't looking at them which might explain why they act like they don't like you.

Apparently cats use context clues within your home to determine where you are, even if you're in a completely different room because they create a mental map of where everything is at all times.

I don't know about you, but you might want to watch out for your cat if you're hiding a treat from them because they know where you sleep and work at all times! To read more from the study you can go HERE!


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