This Desktop Hand Massager Is Perfect For Work From Home Hand Pains

Like most people, you might have started working from home in the past two years, but have you noticed that your hands/fingers are starting to ache more often? Turns out there's a new device to help you out and it might be a "must-have!"

Japanese company Bauhütte just announced a tabletop hand massager that uses 15 heated air cushions to not only simulate the feeling of a real massage, but it can also warm your hands during these cold winter months.

The device is similar to other "electric hand massagers" you can find online, but it can be perfect for warming up your hands before taking on a big task for work, taking a break from sending out a long e-mail, or even rubbing your hands because they got tired.

You can see what Bauhütte's hand massager looks like below and to find other hand massagers you can go HERE to hopefully make typing a little easier for you!

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