Sweetgreen Is Selling Salad Subscriptions Passes For 2022

Photo: Getty Images

We're all about trying to eat healthier and getting back on the healthy train and Sweetgreen might have a great tool to have in doing so: a subscription pass to eat more salads!

The subscription pass is called "Sweetpass" and will only cost you $10 per month, but it will save you $3 off every salad you order for an entire month. If you played your cards right you could easily save up to $90 a month if you ate a salad every day.

The pass can be purchased from now until January 16th and the discount is available to use every 12 hours so you could get even more salads and stock up on them if you really wanted to.

To learn more about the deal you can go HERE or see Sweetgreen's tweet below, but this definitely might help you jumpstart your 2022 health goals!

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