These Are The Most Expensive Cities To Visit For New Year's Eve

New York City, USA, January 1, 2015, Atmospheric new year's eve celebration on famous times square intersection after midnight with countless happy people enjoying the party

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Even though most of us in the DMV will have to stay at home for New Year's Eve this year because of a resurgence of COVID in the area, you can always look forward to next year. However, you might want to start saving now if you're going to any of these places.

CheapHotels just released a list of the priciest New Year's Eve destinations where they looked at 50 major cities in the world for the cheapest available room from December 30th-January 2nd and surprisingly New York City didn't take the top spot.

Miami Beach, Florida was the most expensive US city, with $365 as the nightly rate for the least expensive room and internationally Cancun is the most expensive, with the cheapest room coming in at $228 a night.

You can see what other cities made the top ten below and maybe plan to go somewhere else unless you're ready to ball out:

  1. Miami Beach $365
  2. New Orleans $304
  3. Nashville $284
  4. New York City $275
  5. Honolulu $264
  6. Cancun $228
  7. Las Vegas $225
  8. Edinburgh $221
  9. Rio de Janeiro $206
  10. Los Angeles $205

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