TSA Will Now Take Away Your TSA PreCheck For Bad Behavior

TSA precheck fast lane line before security at Reagan National Airport

Photo: Getty Images

Traveling during the holidays, or at any time during the pandemic, hasn't been the easiest and most fun of times, but things might get a little easier thanks to a new policy being implemented by the TSA starting this week.

The agency will now rescind TSA PreCheck to any passenger who is fined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for bad behavior and it might make things speed up if you have PreCheck.

The TSA said it would also make locating unruly passengers easier by sharing information with the FAA to help identify them and serve them with penalty notices so if you decide to act up on your flight or at the airport then you're going to be marked down and have your PreCheck perks revoked.

Now I'm not telling you to pay for TSA PreCheck before your next flight, but you might start to see a few more angry passengers in line staring at their watches than you used to see!

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