This Wine Company Offers A Lifetime Subscription for $6,000

Happy couple having fun while singing on Christmas party.

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If you had to total ALL the wine you've consumed since you started drinking wine, how much would the total be? If it's more than $6,000 then you might want to sign up for this wine's lifetime subscription!!

Obvious Wines is offering a $6,000 "Life of Wine" offer, which guarantees subscribers four bottles of wine every single month for their entire life and if you do the math it's one good bottle of wine per week forever!

The average cost of an Obvious Wine bottle is about $20 so if you bought the subscription then you would get your money's worth in about six years and then coast on free wine to drink, give away, or decorate your home with.

The "Life of Wine" membership includes any wines that are currently available through the brand's website and all shipping and handling charges are included in the Life of Wine membership.

You can go HERE for more info, but if you're a wine connoisseur then this NEEDS to be your next big purchase!!

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