Vizzy Hard Seltzer Will Give You Free Drinks If Your Flight Gets Delayed

A TON of people are traveling this year for the holidays because we're all trying to make up for not traveling last year because of the pandemic so while you might expect a bunch of delays at the airport, Vizzy Hard Seltzer wants to make the delay a little more enjoyable.

The hard seltzer brand is offering free drinks nationwide at airports to anyone who has their flight delayed and this might be the one reason you root for your plane to get delayed by 20 minutes!

To get a drink on Vizzy you only need to go to THIS WEBSITE when your flight gets delayed to receive an $8 prepaid card to pay for your next drink as part of Vizzy's Holi-Delay program.

I don't know about you, but the flight back home just got even more enjoyable before your board the plane!!

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