You Can Now Buy "Internet-Scented" Cologne

Man putting on cologne in urban loft bathroom

Photo: Getty Images

Finding the right cologne/perfume isn't an easy task, but I have a feeling that this new scent might not be it because it smells like the Internet!

Highsnobriety is selling a cologne that captures what the internet smells like or at least what people smell like when they browse it and according to the product description, the fragrance evokes, "an extractive web of raw minerals and sweat, spiking dopamine and desperate self-monetization from the vantage of a polyurethane chair."

The makers of the cologne say the fragrance is meant to fill the "sensory void" left by hours of odor-free scrolling an unlike most perfumes, this one isn't necessarily meant for going out.

"Scent of the Internet" is available through the HIGHArt Museum for $150 per 15-milliliter bottle and to learn more about it you can go HERE!

It definitely might be the most expensive "funny gift" of all time, but make sure your partner is okay with rocking this scent before buying it!

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