Kahlúa Will Pay You And Your Partner $25,000 If You Can Go Internet-Free

These apps make sure we always stay entertained

Photo: Getty Images

If you had to go 30 nights without Internet would you make it? Now add your partner into that equation and could you last that long for $25,000? If so, then Kahlúa wants to hook you up with a nice payday!

The coffee liqueur company is offering one lucky couple the chance to participate in their "Stir It Up Challenge" where you'll have to go 30 nights (from 6pm to 6am) without any Internet-enabled device like streaming, video games, social media, or your favorite eBooks.

If you make it the entire time then you can score $25,000 and don't worry if you work from home because you can be on your computer during normal work hours.

To apply and find out more info you can go HERE or click the post below, but this sounds like an easy way for you and your partner to get even closer in the new year!

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