MTN Dew Wants To Pay You to Become a Forest Ranger

Explorer Girl with Camouflage Hat and Binoculars

Photo: Getty Images

I just wanted to start this article off by letting you know that I didn't realize MTN Dew didn't spell "mountain" in its name anymore and they haven't done so since 2011, but what you're here for is that MTN Dew wants to pay you to be an actual forest ranger at a real mountain!

The iconic soda brand announced the formation of the MTN DEW Outpost, a new building being constructed at the foot of Doe Mountain near Mountain City, Tennessee and the brand is looking for its first-ever MTN DEW Outpost Ranger.

The position will be a week-long job that comes with a $5,000 salary, a brand-new RV, assorted DEW-branded uniforms, and an all-new Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium and as the person hired you will lead group hikes around Doe Mountain's 45-mile maze of trails.

Applications are being accepted between December 8th and January 14th at Or you can click the link below to learn more!!

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