Google Just Released It's 2021 'Year In Search' Report

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You got to love this time of the year where everyone does their "Best Of The Year" lists and we can ALL agree that Google does the best job at making us all emotional of the year we just survived and they did it again with their 2021 "Year In Search" report!

The annual report reveals the most popular searches for every year and are based on terms with the highest spike this year compared to last year. The NBA, DMX, and Gabby Petito were the top three trending searches in the US this year and we broke down some of the other top searches below:

Google's Top U.S. Trending Searches For 2021

  1. NBA
  2. DMX
  3. Gabby Petito
  4. Kyle Rittenhouse
  5. Brian Laundrie
  6. Mega Millions
  7. AMC Stock
  8. Stimulus Check
  9. Georgia Senate Race
  10. Squid Game

Top Trending People Searches For 2021

  1. Kyle Rittenhouse
  2. Tiger Woods
  3. Alec Baldwin
  4. Travis Scott
  5. Simone Biles

Top Trending 'How to be' Searches For 2021

  1. How to be eligible for stimulus check
  2. How to be more attractive
  3. How to be happy alone
  4. How to be a baddie
  5. How to be a good boyfriend

I don't know about you, but "how to be a baddie" might be my favorite search result from this year! Google also does a great job of making a video on the top search results every year, which you can see below!

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