Your Dog Can Get Paid Up To $30,000 To Work At The Sydney Opera House

Naughty Dog chasing gull bird playing on beach

Photo: Getty Images

Does your dog LOVE to chase things around the house or whenever they go outside? Now they can get paid a HUGE salary by the Sydney Opera House!

The ICONIC Sydney site currently uses a pack of 12 dogs from a private company called Mad Dogs and Englishmen to ensure the area is free of birds and the company's contract just renewed for $376, 380.

Split this among the handlers and the dogs and your dog could be making a hefty contribution (almost $30,000) to your rent payment if you're fine with moving to Australia.

The money is paid out jointly by the Opera House, Opera Bar, and Opera Kitchen as they all depend on their guests having a bird-free time in the area.

You can see some of the dogs currently making bank in Sydney below and to learn more about the program you can go HERE! Time to start training our dogs!

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