These Are The Most-Used Emojis In 2021

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If you were to pick your most-used emoji of 2021, what would it be? You could obviously look at your emoji keyboard and see the most frequently-used, but the Unicode Consortium has actually compiled a list of the most-used emojis!

The not-for-profit organization responsible for most emojis you use on your phone collected data on which emojis we’re using the most and found that the "Tears of Joy" is the most used emoji in the world.

The emoji is so popular that it accounts for 5% of ALL emoji use this year! On the flip side, the least popular category is flags and country flags even with the Summer Olympics this year. Here are the top ten most-used emojis from this year:

  1. 😂 - Tears of Joy
  2. ❤️ - Red Heart
  3. 🤣 - Rolling on the Floor Laughing
  4. 👍 - Thumbs Up Sign
  5. 😭 - Loudly Crying Face
  6. 🙏 - Folded Hands (aka the prayer emoji)
  7. 😘 - Face Blowing a Kiss
  8. 🥰 - Smiling Face With Three Hearts
  9. 😍 - Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes
  10. 😊 - Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

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