This Arizona Company Wants To Cryogenically Freeze You

Frozen body under the ice

Photo: Getty Images

Have you always dreamed of wanting to be cryogenically frozen and then woken up year later? Now it's a reality thanks to one company in Arizona!

Arizona-based firm Alcor is currently marketing itself as the world leader in cryonics aka the "process of freezing a body after death to later be brought back to life" and it could be an easy way to live forever or so they claim.

A full body preservation at Alcor costs $200,000 with annual costs totaling $705 per year after the person's death, which isn't too bad if you're thinking of standing the test of time and becoming a human ice cube.

Currently the company has 1,379 members, including 184 patients who have died and whose corpses have been subject to cryonic processes, but you can even have your pet preserved!

Alcor says patients can be preserved for an indefinite period of time until technology allows patients to be revived.

You can learn more about the process HERE and I don't know about you, but I'm definitely getting Austin Powers vibes from all of this!

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