Hoody's Brother Went Viral For His Thanksgiving Reunion With His Girlfriend

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year for viral videos because you get funny prank videos of kids pranking their parents or you get ADORABLE videos of couples and families reuniting and my brother is going viral for HIS reunion with his girlfriend!

My brother John and his girlfriend Jenn are currently long-distanced as Jenn finishes up school and he doesn't get to really see her too much because of his job at NBC 12 in Richmond, but little did he know that he was going to get a HUGE surprise at his friend's Friendsgiving celebration.

You can see below his genuine reaction to Jenn surprising him near the end of his Friendsgiving dinner and it's just pure joy that's going viral for all the right reasons with over 1.3 MILLION views as of right now!

Also he's being called the "anti-couch guy," which in this case is a good thing! Check out their reunion below! Love you both!

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