Uber Is Starting To Bring Back Shared Rides

Man entering ride sharing car

Photo: Getty Images

If you're looking to save a little money on your next Uber ride in or out of DC then get excited because Uber is bringing back its shared rides starting this week!

Shared rides will now be called UberX Share and are first rolling out in Miami and other big cities in the US this week, but you'll be able to save 5% on every shared ride you take no matter where you are.

If you've tried to go into or leave DC in the past few months you know that rideshare prices increased a TON over the pandemic and hopefully this will help you alleviate some travel costs.

In an UberX Share ride, you’ll only ride with one other person (in addition to the driver) during your trip and everyone in the car must wear a mask, even if they are all vaccinated. Lyft has also brought back its shared rides so make sure to save money when you can if you're traveling during the holidays!

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