Reese's Is Selling A 9-Inch Peanut Butter Cup "Pie" For Thanksgiving

Peanut Butter Cup with Bite

Photo: Getty Images

Are your responsible for desserts at Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year? Then we might have found the perfect dessert that will be the talk of your dinner: a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup "pie!"

Reese's just announced that they are selling a limited number of their "pie" this year for Thanksgiving that is not only nine inches in diameter, but also weighs 3.4 pounds. The even better part is that it simply is a giant peanut butter cup and not actually a pie.

Only 3,000 are being made this year and each pie is about 7,680 calories per pie so you might want to make sure it's something you cut tiny slices or at least take tiny bites.

You can see what it looks like below and order your own Reese's Peanut Butter Cup "pie" HERE!

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