Some Movie Theater Chains See What You're Doing When The Lights Go Out!

Small movie theater

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to avoid making out with your partner during the movies after you hear this, but some movie theaters chains can see what's going on in the theater even when the lights go down!

Thanks to TikTok user @.no1headache, who currently works at a movie theater, some theater chains have an employee-only space where employees watch multiple screens that give them different angles of each theater.

Now you would assume that these security cameras are to watch out for anyone bringing dangerous items into the theater or if they are secretly recording a movie, but you already know they probably catch a TON of people making out or opening their bags to eat a full meal in the theater that they snuck in.

You can see the TikTok below and you might want to leave the public PDA at home because someone's watching when you are watching Eternals!

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