The Empire State Building Now Offers 'Proposal Packages'

New York City Midtown with Empire State Building at Sunset

Photo: Getty Images

Now that the pandemic is slowly winding down you most likely have no excuse when it comes to proposing to your longtime partner, especially if you've been talking about it for a while, and now the Empire State Building wants to help you out with their "proposal packages!"

The iconic New York City landmark is offering couples the chance to book a VIP package that not only gives you a dedicated spot to propose to your partner, but also gives you champagne and so much more to celebrate.

Not only will you get a dedicated corner of the building's 86th Floor Observatory, but you'll also get a private guided tour of the building's exhibits as well after your big moment.

The "Happily Ever Empire" package is available from $1,000 per couple and has to be booked at least 24 hours in advance because there is a strict limit of only three engagement slots available each day.

Also you'll need to find your own photographer so make sure you get that settled first before proposing and not having any photos of it.

Time to start saving now for the "dream proposal!"

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