Timothée Chalamet Used To Mod Xbox Controllers On YouTube

UK Special Screening of "Dune"

Photo: Getty Images

Timothée Chalamet almost didn't become an actor had his modding videos on YouTube taken off back in the day!

You read that right, Chalamet had a short stint as an Xbox YouTuber in 2010 where he posted three videos of him modding Xbox 360 controllers and showing them off.

Back in 2010 Chalamet used to go under the name ModdedController360 and unfortunately, he didn't show his face in the videos because at the time he was only 14. However, nobody knew about the channel until the Dune actor revealed he had the channel still during an interview for Dune with Zendaya.

You can see the interview where Chalamet reveals his old channel below and as of right now the channel has over 21,000 subscribers and you already know people are going to subscribe even though the actor doesn't use the channel anymore.

Also don't worry because I included Chalamet's most popular video from his channel below! I have a feeling Chalamet might try to look for his old account info because why not take control of your old accounts!?

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