This Tour Company Offers A Five-Hour "Sleeping Bus Tour"

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Photo: Getty Images

How many times have you fallen asleep on the metro or a bus accidentally? Turns out you can now pay a travel company to sleep on a bus and catch up on your sleep and it might be the greatest tour idea of all time.

Ulu Travel is currently offering a "sleeping bus tour" that is designed to help people fall asleep for up to five hours on the nearly 52 mile trip on a double-decker bus. The even better part is that the tour starts at a restaurant where guests are served a "Food Coma Lunch" to help you fall asleep even faster.

Once guests board the bus, they can immediately fall asleep and besides a few stops for photo ops and bathroom breaks you can do whatever you want for the tour. The tour is currently only offered in Hong Kong, but something tells us at least one travel company in the US is going to copy them and get a ton of business.

To learn more about the type of tour you can go HERE to also find out about the types of ticket categories you could buy to sleep even better!

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