UPS Is Redesigning Its Trucks To Look Like Star Wars Sandcrawlers

The holiday shopping season is upon us even if you're not ready for it and UPS is changing things up this year by making their trucks look like they're right out of Star Wars in select cities!

Starting this week you'll be able to see select UPS trucks designed to look like sandcrawlers from a galaxy far, far away, but instead of Jawas driving them it'll be your local delivery person.

The trucks are specifically themed to The Mandalorian as they also feature Mando and Grogu with #BringHomeTheBounty on the side of each truck, but you'll also see R2-D2, C-3PO, and a Jawa on the back of each truck.

As of right now the "sandcrawler UPS trucks" are only in New York, but there are plans to wrap other trucks in other cities as we get closer to the holidays. You can see what the trucks look like below and get ready for The Book Of Boba Fett later this year which is filling in for Mando this year!

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