Patagonia Is Releasing Its Own Brand Of Wine

Photo: (Getty Images)

It's officially "Patagucci Season" where you'll start seeing everyone rocking their favorite puffy vests or pullovers with a mountain logo on it and Patagonia is celebrating the season by releasing its own line of wine!

The clothing brand has secretly had a food division since 2012 and starting this year the brand will release its own line of organic wine that uses low intervention techniques to be crafted and also has little or no sulfur.

Below you can see a list of the wines and if you want to order your own bottle you can go HERE to Patagonia's official "Provisions" website. Get ready to assume people in Patagonia are drinking one of the following:

  • 2020 Alex Craighead Kindell Sparkling Multifruit Wine ($19)
  • 2021 Alex Craighead Kindeli Piquette (4 cans, $28)
  • 2020 Meinklang Rose ($25)
  • 2020 Meinklang Thyme Blanc ($25)
  • Terada Honke Gonin Musume JunmaiSake ($39)
  • 2019-2020 Wild Arc Farm Marquette ($30)
  • NV Alai Sidra Sparkling Fruit Wine ($18)
  • 2018 Chateau de Chablis “Green Label” ($39)
  • 2020 Frank Cornelissen PistemuttaRosato ($39)
  • 2020 Frank Cornelissen Pistemutta Rosso ($39)

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