LEGO Is Officially Creating A Set Based On The Office

Say what you will about LEGO sets, but we're now in the time of every television show getting a set and The Office will be the next show to get their own set in the near-future!

LEGO officially announced plans to release a new playset based on the offices of Dunder-Mifflin thanks to thousands of votes on the LEGO Ideas portal, which is where fans can submit their own ideas to become official sets if they get enough votes.

You can see a mock setup of the set below, but the best thing is that The Office set could include a TON of mini-figures based on everyone from the show. If it's anything like the sets based on Friends or The Big Bang Theory then this might be the perfect art piece to add to your shrine dedicated to the show!

Fingers crossed it comes out before the holidays next year in 2023!

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