Bud Light Seltzer Is Releasing An Eggnog Flavor For The Holidays

Just when you thought you've tried all the hard seltzer flavors, shout out to black cherry, Bud Light Seltzer goes ahead and combines two of your favorite alcoholic drinks into one creation: eggnog-flavored hard seltzer!

Bud Light just announced the new flavor as part of its "Ugly Sweater Pack," which is releasing in a few weeks that also includes Cherry Cordial, Cranberry, and Sugar Plum-flavored seltzers and it's definitely not going to be what you're used to with hard seltzers.

According to the pack's description the "Seltzer Nog" is based on the holiday go-to drink and features cinnamon and vanilla so it could be the lighter variation of the holiday drink if you're trying to watch your calories this holiday season.

You'll start seeing the "Ugly Sweater Pack" pop up in a grocery store near you and you can see what the pack looks like below!

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