You Can Get Paid $6,800 To Watch Every Episode Of 'The Simpsons'

Photo: (Fox)

Have you seen EVERY episode of The Simpsons? If not then you might be in luck because a casino website wants to pay someone $6,800 to watch every episode to date and you even get donuts included!

Platin Casino is looking for the very first "The Simpsons Series Analyst" who will watch and analyze all of the 706 episodes of the series, including the movie, and be asked to write down each episode's standout moment to see if The Simpsons truly does predict everything that will happen.

The lucky candidate will be given $6,800 (about $9.25 per episode), $100 in expenses to pay for Disney+ and Wi-Fi for the month, and even be given a weekly box of donuts to enjoy with the show.

To apply you can go HERE and you just have to be 18 to enter! The casino predicts it will take eight weeks to get through more than 280 hours of footage, but if you have nothing going on then you could totally get through it all in two weeks.

Also check out some of the funniest moments from the show below to get you prepped for this dream job!

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