We've All Been Pronouncing IKEA Wrong The Entire Time


Photo: Getty Images

You might already have a hard time trying to pronounce the names of furniture at IKEA, but it turns out we've all been also mispronouncing the store's actual name the ENTIRE TIME!!

While you might be calling IKEA (eye-key-uh) whenever you ask your partner or friend if you want to go furniture shopping, but it turns out we've all been saying it wrong according to the company's spokesperson.

The store is actually pronounced (EEE-keh-yuh) and a fun fact is that IKEA is actually an acronym for the founder's name Ingvar Kamprad, the name of his family farm called Elmtaryd, and the location of that farm in Agunnaryd Sweden.

You can see how people reacted to the news below and just get ready for your older relative to still call it something completely different like they do with Chipotle!

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