Candy Corn Bratwurst Is Now A Thing For Halloween

Halloween Candy Corn Background on an Orange Surface

Photo: Getty Images

Candy corn-haters beware because a new trend this Halloween apparently involved mixing candy corn with other meats to make "candy corn bratwurst!"

A specialty butcher in Madison, Wisconsin is gaining a ton of attention this week for its "Spooktoberfest brats" that are made with meat, beer, and candy corn and apparently taste pretty good.

The Jennifer St. Market first came up with the idea after tasting a local brewery's Oktoberfest beer and thinking that it would pair well with candy corn and now we have bratwursts filled with candy corn.

Apparently the brats taste slightly sweet and while you can only get them this year in Madison, Wisconsin, something tells us that everyone is going to be recreating the recipe in time for next year's Halloween!

Check out what the candy corn bratwursts look like below and would you try it? 'Tis the season am I right??

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