LEGO Is Releasing A Titanic Set That Has Over 9,090 Pieces

Just when you thought you could consider yourself a "Master Builder" at LEGO sets, they go and release their largest set to-date with over 9,000 pieces and it's based on the Titanic!

LEGO officially revealed the largest model ever released, a replica of the Titanic, that measures over four-feet long when fully assembled and it even has an interior for you to build.

The previous largest LEGO set was the Lego Colosseum, at 9,036 pieces, but the Titanic just beats it out with 9,090 pieces in total and the model also breaks apart into three sections, but not like what happened in real life or the movie.

The set costs $630 so you might want to go "halfsies" with someone who also loves to build LEGOs and will go on sale on November 8th so expect it to be popular for the holidays!

Check out what the set looks like when fully-built below!

Also can we talk about how someone came up with the PERFECT tweet to sum up everyone who will eventually finish building the set!??

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