Franzia Is Releasing A Wine Box Costume That Dispenses Wine

red and white wine poured from a bottle into wine glass on white background, isolated

Photo: Getty Images

Sure you might see a TON of people dress up like Wanda and Vision from WandaVision or characters from Squid Game this year, but Franzia might have released the best costume of all time - a wine box that dispenses real wine!

Franzia might be the country's most popular boxed wine and now they want you to rock their box as a Halloween costume with their costumes that not only glow in the dark, but also come with a bag that can dispense wine at your Halloween party.

Franzia is even releasing a Dark Red Blend and Rich & Buttery Chardonnay version of the costume that cost about $40, but would definitely be the talk of your friend group this year for Halloween.

To buy your costume you can go HERE and see what it looks like below!

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