Taking Photos Of Your Food Might Make You Eat More

Man Talking Picture Of Burger With Smartphone

Photo: Getty Images

Trying to slim down for the holidays this year? You might want to avoid taking photos of your food according to a new study that found almost 70% of millennials who take a photo of their food often eat more than those who don't!

The study was conducted at Georgia Southern University where they split participants into two groups: one where they were told to take a photo of cheese crackers before eating and one where they were just told to snack on the crackers.

Researchers found that those who took photos of the food not only ate more, but they also rated the snack session higher when asked in a post-survey.

This could be because you posted a photo of your food and you want to eat it all or simply because you want to like the food because it's going on social media. To learn more about the study you can go HERE!

Also just keep this in your back pocket in case you date a "foodie" who keeps taking WAY too many photos at dinner!

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